This poor card...

 the bottom part of it got torn apart about 5 times. 

I made this for Card Pattern Sketch #123

 At first I wasn't happy with the sentiment on the overlay.  It only took me about 50 tries to get it legible, without smearing the sentiment.  It actually looks pretty good in real life but the photo didn't look so hot.  
I took of the overlay (of course, tearing the little squares beneath), replaced the squares and tried stamping directly on the squares.  The large button got in my way. Of course I did not realize this until I had already laid the stamp down.  
I add more layers, move the button and stamped again.  It came out terrible because of the unevenness.  
I consider myself to be a pretty level headed gal with lots of common sense, but at times like this my own stupidity just amazes me. Ever have that feeling? Or is it just me?
Then I tore the large square off of the original card.  
I adheard my 5th set of squares to a new card and realized I liked the overlay after all.  Adheard the large square, and here you have it.

Here is a better shot of the bottom part.  It really does look nice IRL.

 PTI and Impression Obsession stamps. PTI card stock.

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Leigh said…
I think it turned out great! I've had button interference in my stamping, too-- sometimes it can feel like a "not-so-relaxing" hobby, can't it? ;)
Jen said…
Gosh Ang, this is pretty fab! Loving that big ole button the best. Such a wonderful sentiment too (even if it took 50 tries to get it right..could of been 60! ). Well done!
whoistracy said…
So pretty! I love that tree and the soft colors. So glad you could join us on Card Patterns this week!
Steph said…
Hey Ang! Thanks for visiting my blog.

I totally understand it when a card making process goes a little off the rails, and it is so frustrating- I have thrown away a few cards because of that before ;)

I am happy you persevered, because that is a FAB looking card, I love the tree image, is it from Through The Trees? I can never get it to stamp without overlapping LOL
stephinka said…
That was me- Stephinka ^^
Carol said…
Love your card! Very pretty!
Elise said…
You are so funny - but I am SO your sista! Sometimes these guys get away from us, but this card looks wonderfully successful to me! I'm LOVING your use of the Card Patterns sketch - THANK you for sharing!