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 I worked on a little sewing project today.  I have had this cute little mini Janome machine for a while.  I use it solely for paper crafting.  It is the perfect machine for this in my opinion.  The only thing it is lacking is a sewing light.  For the price I am not surprised it doesn't have a light. I bought it because I was nervous about using my Bernina with paper.  It wasn't cheap and I just didn't want to take any chances with it.  Anyway, looking at my machine every day I realized it needed a little cover to keep the dust out.

As you may know, I love color, especially bright color.  Green is my favorite but I really like them all.  I also love paisley.  The paisley fabric was my first purchase, then yesterday I found this beautiful fabric.
I fell in love and realized it would be perfect for the lining.  So now I have this beautiful, reversible, sewing machine cover for my little baby.

I have been sewing since I was a kid and I really enjoy it.  I have never liked making clothes for myself.  I really love to sew baby clothes, home decor, and recently doll clothes for my friends American Girl dolls.  Once in a while, Joann's will have patterns on sale for .99 cents.  When they do I will usually pick up a couple, usually purse or bag patterns.  I have this fantasy of creating the perfect fabric purse for myself.  One of these days.

  Well, sometimes I but the same pattern more than once, not realizing I already have it.  This pattern, I actually bought three times.  I guess I really like it. Here is a link for more details. It actually has a lot of cool bags for all your techie stuff.  I would love to send the two extra to anyone that is interested. Leave me a comment and I will be in touch. US only, sorry international friends.

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Cute. Reversible too! I love the paisley print. Colors are stunning.
June K. said…
Love your reversible cover. I love the things you creative. I am trying to get back into sewing after being away from it for years. I bought a simple Simplicity bag pattern to try out. I have the fabric and lining and of course the black thread for it. Now just have to get started. This past Saturday Joann's was having their patterns for $1.99 so I picked up two more bag patterns. Gosh, I'd better get started.
Nancy4004 said…
Just stumbled upon your site and love your sewing machine cover. I have 4 sisters and they all sew! Would love to surprise them with one of the bag patterns - yes, they would have to share, ha! But, that's okay, we are used to sharing everything! Have a great day!