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I'm in Love, I'm in Love...

This week I rec'd my new PTI goodies which included the Simply Jane stamps, dies and papers.
OMG, it is all so scrumptious.    The paper is stunning and the quality is amazing, it is very heavy weight.   And it looks like a book.  Sheer perfection.
I am a fairly new fan of Jane Austen novels.  When the movie, Sense and Sensibilty, (the one written by Emma Thompson), came out I was entranced.  I decided to read the novel.  Over the next few years I have seen every movie version made of her novels and read all of them, except Northahnger Abbey.  I have read a couple of them multiple times.  Not sure what it is about Norhthanger Abbey, but something about the story creeps me out and I have avoided it.  I know I will have to read it eventually but I have been putting it off.  Anyway, I have become a huge Jane Austern fan and admirer.  
Everytime I read one of her novels I like them more and more.  I just want to soak them up, the writing is absolutely brilliant as far as I am concern…

Wednesday Stamp Club

Third week in a row here.  I am on a roll.
I did the MFT Wednesday Stamp Club Challenge again.   I am really loving these sketches.  The blog is here.

Lots of Goodies

for you tonight.  I spent last night (wed.) scrapping again.  I made a card using my Counterfeit Kit and the sketch from this weeks MTF Wednesday Stamp Club.

I used the very first set I ever bought from MFT on this card.  I think I can credit this set with starting my love of coffee themed sets.  I love coffee and I love coffee themed sets.  I don't think there is one out there that I don't own.
I also made another card for last weeks sketch that I completeely forgot to post.  You must promise not to look too closely at my coloring on this one.  It is absolutely terrible.  I have  loved these Sweet Innocence stamps since MFT stated makeing them.  I have never bought any because I really don't do cutesy and coloring is not my speciality.  But when I saw this Paper Doll set I could not resist.  I just think they she is so cute?  Check out the cute border die on the second photo.

This week I also made a set of cards for my sister.  I consider myself so fortunate to have the …

Two in one day...

I love card making.  I started out as a scrapbooker and gradually moved over to more and more card making.  Lately I have been really missing scrapbooking.  I am feeling like I want to make soemthing a little more meaningful.  Not that I don't think card making is meaningful but hopefully you KWIM.

Anyway, I was thinking back to when I scrapped more and was reminded about  The Counterfeit Kit Challenge and how inspiring it was for me.  If you aren't familiar with this challenge you should check it out.  It is a very clever way to use up your stash and get more scrapbooking done.  I did it for a couple of months last year and really enjoyed it.  So I am very happy to say that I am participating this month in the challenges.  Here is my Counterfeit kit I have put together for January: And some close-ups:
(sorry they are all sideways) I actually had some of the items from the inspiration kit this time.     I can't wait to get started working the challenges.

Thanks for visit…

Need More Creative Time...

I have decided that working full time along with everything else I have to do just doesn't leave me enough time for being creative.  I would love to spend all weekend doing it but I would really miss my husband if I did that.  I have decided to dedicate one weeknight to crafting.  I will plan a quick and easy meal and then spend at least a couple of hours crafting.  Not sure why but I chose Wednesday nights.  So this week I decided to participate in MFT's Wednesday Stamp Club.  I really like thier sketches and who wouldn't want to win a GC from them.  I am finding myself spending more of my crafting budget over at MFT lately.  I like thier stamps but I really love thier dies.  They have a lot of really unique dies. I used one of them on my card for the sketch: Here is a close-up of it:
I cut two of each petal piece to make this.  The pieces have little tabs on them that, when glued, make the flower more 3D.  It is hard to explain.  Here is a link to this die.  They off…