Thank you all ...

 for your lovely comments.  They really mean a lot to me.

7/2 ETA: forgot the last page of the book (see below)

I am very happy to say that my crafting mojo has returned.  I was getting a little worried there.
My son's girlfriend is off to Germany for a few weeks for a school trip.  He wanted a book that he could tuck little notes to her into, so she would have them throughout her trip.  Of course, my brain screams scrapbook.  I made this book for her to take with her.  I used, for the first time, a Bind-it-All binder cover.  I really liked using it.  It is basically a chipboard book.  The back page has a pocket that holds a plastic sheet.  You bind the plastic sheet to the last page of the scrapbook, tuck it into the pocket and then your book is enclosed in this lovely binder.  I should have taken pictures of the BIA cover beforehand but I didn't think of it.  It makes for a very nicely finished book.
Here is the cover (the outside of the BIA  binder cover).

And the inside pages (minus my sons notes, of course)

For that last page, I die cut and made little shrinky-dink charms.  They were so fun to make.  I wanted to give her lots of space to tuck memorabilia.  There are a lot of little pockets and tags.

In that pocket on the right is a journal for her to add notes.

Thanks for sticking around and I hope to be back soon with some new cards I made,

P.S. the BIA covers are called Cover-Alls.  Here is a link:
BIA Cover-Alls