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Life is hard sometimes.

Wow, it's been almost two months.  I have missed this.  I'm not sure I am ready to get into a lot of detail yet, but life gets really hard for me sometimes.  Sometimes I get into a state that is probably best described as depression.  Luckily, it doesn't happen too often but when it does I just want to crawl into a cave and stay there.  I am sure lots of you will understand what I am talking about.  Even tho I am mostly out of it, it is hard for me to even write this.  I had a tough time, I completely lost my creative mojo.  I stopped doing a lot of things that I really love.  I am getting stirrings of creativity back and almost feel ready to sit back down at my desk and make some cards.  I am almost a little scared to do it for fear that it won't come back. 
I have missed a lot of things.  I have missed participating in challenges, I have missed blog hops but mostly I have missed looking at all of your creative blogs and commenting on your beautiful creations.