17 years ago today...

my first born came into the world.  Today is my oldest son's 17th birthday. 
I made this book for him as a gift.  It covers all of his experiences in driving; the lessons, tests etc.

 It's a small book about 3X8.
These charms are hanging from one of the binder rings.  The fake key came in the mail as part of a contest and I thought it was perfect.

 permit test
 driving lessons

actual driving test
 pocket for temporary license


I ran out of photos and still had a couple of pages left. so I added the "First Car" vellum page and left space to add those pictures when he buys his first car.

The back page

Hope he likes it!
Thanks for visiting.
See you soon,


Kara said…
such a great gift...love that that key didnt end up in the trash...such a great idea!!
Teresa Kline said…
oh my goodness, I adore this book, the shape is fabulous...great style....hope your week is awesome!

enjoy *~*
Leigh said…
Oh, what a fabulous gift!
Brises said…
This is absolutely stunning!!!
Jimjams said…
Wonderful gift - a memento of his driving achievements - love it!
Gina said…
This is great! I love making mini albums like this. I hope he loves it. And thanks for your sweet comment on my 8 y/o's card. :)
Jen said…
Um, er...AMAZING! How the heck do you keep coming up with such stupendous ideas?! This is beyond cool! WOW!