I have been wanting to try

 making these organza flowers for a while.  I have seen them on several different blogs and think they are gorgeous.

I finally went to Joann's and bought some organza.  I tried die cutting the flowers first, but that didn't work so well.  I then just cut out different size circles.  Each of these is five layers.  I had read somewhere about burning the edges, which I did.  It makes the edges a little darker and on the blue and green they actually curled up a little.  I dropped a blob of liquid, clear drying glue, in the center and added seed beads.  The glue is holding them together slightly, but I think next time I will give them a couple of stitches in the center before I add the beads to hold them more securely. 
I think I may use the blue and green in my first Counterfeit Kit project.

Thanks to everyone who has provided, and continues to provide  tutorials, videos and information for making great stuff like this.  
You are my crafting heroes.

Thanks for visiting.
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Jessie said…
Really cool! What are you going to do with them?
These are great! - - -I don't have the patience for many DIY things...but I have these flowers and used them on a gift bag...they are really pretty. Even moreso since you made them and didn't buy them!
Stephanie said…
Very cute! What a great focal image on a card? Huh? Thanks for sharing......I may have to try this!
Diane Jaquay said…
I've seen these too on different blogs and think they're gorgeous! Yours look fabulous, I might have to give these a try :)
Kim O'Connell said…
Ang, these are so pretty! What great embellies for cards! I am blog surfing and your blog is the
4th in a row that referenced being at Joann's or Michaels this weekend. Too funny! We are all and about doing the weekend craft crawl! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog! You make my day!
Jen said…
ooh, Ang! These are so pretty. I love organza as a fabric and after seeing these beauties now have another reason why. Thanks so much for that. I've got to give these a go for sure.

Thank you too for your lovely comments on my blog. You have no idea how much they just make my day. Hugs!
Jill said…
Wow, Ang, you made these yourself--I am so impressed! I had no idea they were this uncomplicated, I may even have to try this myself, LOL! Pretty colors!
S said…
Those are so pretty.
Rebecca said…
I love the burnt edges. It really adds depth and character to the flowers.