Last of the March Fakes?

This may be my last project using my Counterfeit Kit for this month.  I found a couple of old pictures of Mt. Lassen and they brought back a lot of childhood memories of camping there.  This was just about the only vacation my parents could afford when I was a kid so we spent a lot of time camping there.  We have gone up to Lassen several times with our kids and I still love it up there.

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Tricia said…
I love the way you journaled on this layout. Nicely done!
angie said…
Hey Ang, I see you are still keeping busy! I like the way you used a circle on the map to really "pinpoint" where you were. It's been way too long since we've all gotten together to scrapbook. Let me know when you can hang. Especially now that we have such nice weather, the change is so dramatic, I was sweating up a storm at work today! (it got so HOT!) Hugs, Angie
Jimjams said…
Love the use of the map and all the journalling - a great record of a beautiful place. Well done on being so productive with your kit ... I haven't made a big dent in mine, but it's great to have it to hand and I'm sure I will make some more pages over the next few months!