So, I turned 50

in November.  My husband and sons surprised me with an Ipod Nano and a long weekend trip to Disneyland.  Money is a little tight so I was completely surprised with the trip.  When I opened the card with the Disneyland info in it I was just like one of the little kids you see in the TV commercials;  jumping up and down, screaming and crying.  It was great.
I decided to make a mini book about "My Best Birthday Ever".  It is my first project with my March Counterfeit Kit.  Even tho it was about a trip to Disneyland, I didn't want to use Disney themed supplies.  It is really more about my birthday.
I started with the beautiful Prima paper with the butterflies.  I only had two sheets and I didn't want the book to be too girly anyway.  Turns out that the Fancy Pants Happy Together papers matched perfectly so I used them too.  Mini books are probably one of my favorite things to make.  I have a ton of them.  
Here is the  cover of my book (it is 6" X 8"):

 I cut the 50 out of cardboard, painted it and stamped it.  
Here are the first inside pages where most of the journaling is:

This was our first time ever at Disneyland during the holiday season.  It was quite a treat to see it all done up for the holidays and to get "snowed" on.  

The left picture shows us on a couple of the rides.  We are too cheap to actually buy the pictures so I took photos of the screens with our pictures on them.   I covered the Tattered Angels microscope chipboard from my kit with paper.  I thought it was a fun touch because the photos of us on the rides are so small you can barely see us. It is loose in the book, hung on one of the binding rings.

 The left and last page is a pocket where I will put my actual birhtday cards and receipts etc. from the trip.
Anf finally the back og the book:

The quote was on one of the Fancy Pants papers and I thought it was perfect for a Disney trip.  I need to add a little more journaling and this project is complete.
Thanks for visiting.
See you soon,


KathyJo said…
Absolutely incredible! The book is fabulous. What a wonderful way to spend you day and a wonderful way to preserve the memory.
scrappymo! said…
I love your book...what an incredible husband!

You must have such fond memories of that trip.
Pam from Maine said…
Wow, how impressive is that (both your work and your birthday surprise). Great job and I love that you didn't go too "themey" with the papers. A nice way to preserve your memories and still follow the kit.
Mary B said…
Wow love it and the cover especially. Great that you have made it such a decent size as you can get a lot more photo detail as well as the journalling. I love the magnify glass touch too.
Stephanie said…
Angela.......This is so beautiful!!! I love how your family surprised you for your 50th. What a great way to preserve those memories. Just beautiful!
Angela, this is STUNNING! I Love the way you did the 50 and especially love all the details and supply choices that you choose! Great job!
Tricia said…
What a treasure you have made! It's wonderful!
Margie said…
What a fantastic mini! And a great way to record your wonderful birthday gift!
Glinda said…
Very well done, and isn't Disneyland awesome during the holidays. The way you put your book together is cool and I like how you added the spot to hold your cards.
ms.schwiet said…
Round of applause and standing ovation... one for so proudly turning 50 and two for such an awesome project. You last little quote is such a great ending...encore
Emeraldvalkyrie said…
What a cool birthday gift a what a great way to scrap it!
Bethany said…
What a wonderful project! You did such a great job!

Counterfeit Kit Challenge
Kylie said…
Great minibook and happy belated birthday ;-)
~Mar said…
What a great birthday surprise! And I love your book!