More Quilt

My Quilt is really coming along.  I am having a blast embellishing it.  Almost ready to starte actually putting front and back together and doing some quilting.

The star of the show.  I am calling her Mabel. (her eyes look creepy, they are not done)
Cat & bats

And my crows
More to come...

Thanks for visiting.
See you soon,


Joyce said…
Your quilt is really looking great.
Jen Adcock said…
Extraordinary! Totally should be in an exhibition or something. You sure have some rather supernatural talent, that is for sure. The crows are the bestest ever!
June K. said…
You do such beautiful work.
corry'kaart said…
ooohhhh wat heb je dat prachtig gemaakt en er zal heel wat uren werk inzitten
groetjes van corry