Mabel is Back!

That's what I named my witch, Mabel.  Mabel is not a bad witch, she is just a little surly.  
She's had a tough life.

 My quilt top is just about done.  
I have a few more embellishments to add that will be glued on after I quilt it.  My next step is adding the batting and the backing.  then I will stitch around everything.  Then comes the free motion quilting.  I got the foot I needed for my sewing machine.  I am a little intimidated by this part as I have never done it before. 

I will keep you updated.

Thanks for visiting.
See you soon,


June K said…
Beautiful Mabel quilt.
Terri said…
It is looking great. I look forward to seeing the quilting. From what I know about free motion quilting you can't really mess it up so have fun with it.
Wow! I'm jealous. This is one craft I would like to learn how to do but am very intimidated by it. Maybe some day when I have more time.
Can't wait to see the completed project.
Leigh said…
Love it!
I need to get working on my son's quilt if I want to get it done in time for Christmas....
Joyce said…
It turned out really great.
Kara said…
this is great!! love her!