not quite MIM..

 I am working on a project/gift that will use this weeks PTI Make it Monday but I am still waiting for my Stamp-A-Faire order and I need some of it to complete my project.  It is expected on Thursday.  Can't wait.

Anyway, in the mean time I thought I would try coloring some different types of ribbon.  Nicole mentioned using the PTI satin or grosgrain ribbon in her video but for my project I wanted to use a cotton twill so I tried that and some PTI also.  From left to right they are
  • my own cotton twill
                  I tried making dots, didn't work
  • PTI twill
                   I liked the way this worked
  • PTI grosgrain
                   tried dots again, hence the blobs in the middle.  still didn't work
  • my cotton twill again
The cotton twill is more absorbent than the others and therefore it is harder to make thin lines on it.

I am going to use the one on the right in my project, even tho the lines aren't straight.  Good thing I am not a perfectionist!
I also had trouble getting the cotton twill to lie in a straight line so I taped the edges down.  This also gave me a nice starting point without making a blob with the Copic.

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Margaret M said…
Hey Angela! I need to try this MIM..thanks for the tip! Also, just wanted to respond to your comment on my blog, I think all you have to do is click on follow at the top left hand side and it will direct you to follow someone's blog. This is coming from someone who is constantly having to ask the kids how to do something on the computer!
You geat an A for effort & risk taking. I practiced on some ribbon I had on hand; didn't want to use any PTI. Just let me say I am no Nicole.
Kara said…
great!! thanks for sharing your trial and error! my lines didn't come out straight i was drawing the line, the ruler slid over a bit, but yaa know what...looks just fine on the card!