Handmade Christmas

This is a little late, oh well.
A couple of years ago I decided to make most of my gifts 
for family and friends.  I actually succeeded this year.  
I really enjoy it.  The planning, creating and giving of a homemade gift makes me really happy.
This year my favorite was this little guy:
 Is he adorable or what?  Look at that nose. The designer probably intended it for kids but my sister in law loves pigs so I couldn't resist.  
His designer is Helen over at Bustle and Sew.  I have been following her blog for a while, she posts lots of crafty stuff.  She also has an e-magazine that I subscribed to a couple of months ago.  She lives in the UK and the magazines are not only filled with patterns, she also includes little stories from the town she lives in.  
I find it very charming, check it out.

So back to the little guy.  I have never made a softie before.  
He was so easy and fun to make, I already have plans for my next one.
 He is pretty small, about 8" long.
 Look at this face, the button nose was what hooked me, I think.

Last but not least:
Thanks for visiting.


Melly said…
Every time I see this little piggy, it makes me smile!
Pia S said…
This is the sweetest little pig! And with wings too!! So cute!