Quilt Update

I am so enjoying making this quilt. 
I have most of my  pieces ironed on the the quilt, 
just a few more things and then I need to start sewing.   

Her face, hands and shoes are silk screened. 
 Isn't she a beauty?  I just love her.  
I will have to come up with a fun name for her.
  Since this is going to be a wall hanging I am adding some fun embellishments.

Thanks for visiting.
See you soon,


Joyce said…
What a great quilt. I was wondering when we would get to see it. I hope it is done in time for Halloween.
Leigh said…
Wow, this looks great! It also looks like a ton of work! Well done!
Karen C. said…
This is fabulous!! I love quilted wall hangings - they really are fun to make and add so much personality to one's home. Can't wait to see the final project!!