I have a confession...

Valentines Day may not be the best day to admit this, 
but I am having a love affair with the Bustle and Sew Softie patterns.  
Meet Natalie:
She is a pattern from the February Issue of Bustle & Sew magazine.
 I made her for a very dear friend, she named her Natalie.

She is about 6" long from beak to tail.
all hand sewn.
Helen at Bustle and Sew makes the instructions very easy.  I had never made anything like this till a month or two ago when I made my first pig from her patterns:

Then my second pig as a gift for my sister.  She named her Genevieve.
Now, Natalie, and I am also working on a third pig as another gift.  
Apparently a lot of people like pigs!

I am not affilliated with Bustle and Sew, just a big fan.
Thanks for stopping by,