Are you like me...

and buy things like this,

when you see them on clearance?  I always buy stuff like this when I  see it really cheap at M's or J's.  I am sure I did not pay more than $1 for it.  Not always sure what I  will do with it at the time of purchase, but just know that someday....

My sister and her husband are coming to visit tonight.  They live a little over an hour away and come to visit about once a month.  They stay overnight and we always have a blast.
My sister plays Bunco.  I don't really know much about it but it sounds like fun.  So she called me last night;  she is hosting next week and needs a prize for the winner.  She asked if maybe I could make something for her.  
So this morning I got to work.  Found the wooden plaque in my stash and my creativity started flowing.
A little primer and paint:
glued a piece of paper to the center section, covered some chipboard letters with patterned paper and came up with this:
Its hard to see but the 'babe" is cut from very sparkly SU paper.  The flower was in my stash, made back when I discovered how to make them from fabric.
A couple of ribbons on the hanging wire and we are good to go.

I have a huge stash of supplies, probably more than my fair share.  When I can whip something up in a couple of hours using only stuff from my stash, it makes me very happy.

I can't wait till my sister gets here and sees it.

Thanks for visiting.
See you soon,


Anonymous said…
love it! the 'babes' are going to fight over this prize!
corryskaart said…
hoi angela
wat heb je er een prachtig werkstuk van gemaakt en erg leuk met die bling-bling letters
groetjes van corry
maria f. said…
How cute and clever is this. Hope she liked it.