I'm in Love, I'm in Love...

This week I rec'd my new PTI goodies which included the Simply Jane stamps, dies and papers.

OMG, it is all so scrumptious.   
The paper is stunning and the quality is amazing, it is very heavy weight.  
And it looks like a book.  Sheer perfection.

I am a fairly new fan of Jane Austen novels.  When the movie, Sense and Sensibilty, (the one written by Emma Thompson), came out I was entranced.  I decided to read the novel.  Over the next few years I have seen every movie version made of her novels and read all of them, except Northahnger Abbey.  I have read a couple of them multiple times.  Not sure what it is about Norhthanger Abbey, but something about the story creeps me out and I have avoided it.  I know I will have to read it eventually but I have been putting it off.  Anyway, I have become a huge Jane Austern fan and admirer.  

Everytime I read one of her novels I like them more and more.  I just want to soak them up, the writing is absolutely brilliant as far as I am concerned.

  I actually created a scrapbook page about my love for her for one of PTI's blog hops.  You can see that here.

So, as you can imagine, I am in love with all of the new PTI Jane Austen goodies.  
I made this tag set, using all PTI:



Three quotes, one each from my three favorite Jane Austen novels.  What more can a girl ask for?  Ahhh,  just absolute bliss to me.

On a side note:
When the new PTI inks came out, I wasn't too keen on the shape.  I bought a couple of them, and I have to say, the little pointed end makes stamping multiple colors on one stamp super easy.  I used them that way for the little flowers on these tags. I'm sold.

Thanks for stopping by.
See you soon,


Joyce said…
You have done some amazing stuff with all your Jane Austen goodies. I am a huge fan of the books, but have not seen most of the movies. I have to admit, I couldn't see getting the stamp set, although I love the paper. I decided to wait to be inspired by my friends, and you are pushing me towards this set.
scrappymo! said…
Oh my goodness...I love that! So pretty and great quotes!
I singed up to follow your blog...I paged back a few posts and like what I saw. You are very talented!
scrappymo! said…
Stop by my blog if you have a minute...I nominated you for a Leibster blog award.
Love how you use these beautiful JA things! You did a Lovely job!
Found your blog from Scrappy Mo's award and so glad I did... enjoyed snopping around so much I became a Follower and hope you'll stop by my blog and do the same!
Until next time.
Dotty A
Dana said…
This tag is gorgeous Ang!
Winnie said…
Love your tag Angie. I am glad I found you from SCS.. I am a big Jane Austen fan and even have a bunch of friends who we names are group JAPSNA. Jane Austen Polish Society of Northa America. (I am not Polish, but they took me in...) If you ever get a chance to see Jane's letters someday, I would recommend you go. We went as a group outing here in NYC when they were on display. They were very cool to see. My friends have traveled to her home and even had tea at a tea house named after Jane's sister Cassandra. Fun. I got my set too, so now I must use it.. I agree about Northanger Abbey...Pride & Pred. is my favorite and of course the old BBC movie with Colin Firth..He is always Mr. Darcy to me..swoon..
scrappymo! said…
Re Liebster...no problem...lots going on in my life right now too, resulting in barely any time to blog.
I completely understand.